How To Prepare For Your Video Shoot

How to Prepare for a video shoot

Don’t overthink it, we’re here to make you look good!

by Mary Bradley

To prepare for your video shoot/on camera interview we always suggest that you dress as you would everyday.

Being comfortable is most important because it will allow you to relax and have the best success at the shoot. When you are comfortable you will look comfortable. Even though most shoots are from the waist up, avoid short skirts or too tight pants that may cause you to fidget or frequently readjust while filming.

Here are some other guidelines that we suggest you follow.
  1. Try to steer away from white unless it is a white shirt or dress under a jacket or sweater of a different color. Your director and camera person will be able to make this work if necessary but typically white is not recommended. Try to also avoid very loud colors or prints.
  2. Look at the fabric closely, do not wear fabrics that are shiny or have a sheen, they will reflect the lighting which could be a problem.
  3. Try not to wear thin fabrics that may on camera reveal undergarments or may show bumps created from other layers of clothing or just not lay correctly.
  4. Avoid noisy jewelry options particularly bracelets that may clang together, especially if you speak with your hands. While we are on the subject of hands, if you do typically gesture with your hands while speaking feel free to do so while being interviewed, it will allow you to
    look and feel more natural.
  5. Prepare your makeup as you would everyday, you want the outcome to look like you. We will apply powder if necessary when shooting or tame your flyaway hairs for you. Remember the lights do get warm so you do not want an excessive makeup application melting.

Last, relax, don’t overthink it, we’re here to make you look good.
Remember that’s why there’s always Take 2 or 3 or 4!



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