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Useful Tips when Shooting on a Green Screen

A green screen is a technique used in digital video, designed specially to create special effects, simulate locations, or any kind of virtual background that is necessary to tell the story you want to convey.  Written by Monica Rios of Riverview Studios As the name suggests, it consists in a green backdrop that hangs behind […]

So you Wrote a Screenplay but it’s Missing Something

You could have it all, but without a strong want, you don’t have anything. A blog written by producer Scott Silvester, Riverview Studios You’re writing a short screenplay. Great! What’s it about? Well, you have this really cool protagonist who does these insane stunts. We’re on board with that. And he’s not just likable, but […]

Video Jargon: A Humorous Guide to Video Geek-Speak

If you’ve ever spoken with a video producer, director or editor you may find a few words or phrases that will leave you asking the eternal question: What on earth did they just say? We certainly don’t mean to leave you in the dark with our ideas or explanations, we simply live this geek-life and […]

5 Things to do with Your Video Once It’s Complete

You’ve booked the studio, wrote your script, shot the video and now you’re holding on to the greatest tool in your pocket. But honestly, what’s next?  Sometimes videos are made for an exclusive purpose such as a commercial, a portion of a documentary, a story-line for a larger project or perhaps it’s something you just […]

How to Prepare for your Video Shoot

To prepare for your video shoot/on camera interview we always suggest that you dress as you would everyday. Being comfortable is most important because it will allow you to relax and have the best success at the shoot. When you are comfortable you will look comfortable. Even though most shoots are from the waist up, […]

Tips and Tricks for your Tape Transfers

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to make your digital tape transfers go smoothly (and perhaps save you some money!) Whether you have 4 tapes or 400 tapes for us to digitize for you, here are a few tips and tricks to help your transfer project go smoothly. These tips will […]

A Great Tape Story Gone Bad

Written by Robert Blanda, Riverview Studios I loaded the tape, pressed play, my heart sunk. Riverview Studios has been through many formats for storing video over the years. During most of these years, magnetic tape of many formats have crossed our paths. Whether written in Analog format or digital format (DAT, DV Digital, etc), shelf […]

Building Skills in After Effects by Doug

Adobe After Effects is a powerful editing program and a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. We don’t find ourselves using it too often for the work we currently do at the studio. However, when it’s used in its full potential it can yield some incredible effects that are capable of not only distorting […]



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