Building Skills in After Effects by Doug

Building Skills in After Effects by Doug

Adobe After Effects is a powerful editing program and a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

We don’t find ourselves using it too often for the work we currently do at the studio. However, when it’s used in its full potential it can yield some incredible effects that are capable of not only distorting the reality of any given scene, but also transforming of a setting.

I’ve never had much experience with After Effects, whether it was for personal or professional use I found myself at times actively avoiding the use of it. However, I took it upon myself to try a few online tutorials and discovered it to be a very user friendly interface. Anyone who has any level of experience using either Premiere Pro or Photoshop will have no trouble at all navagating the menus and handling the canvas area. That being said, like any unfamiliar software it takes some getting used to and like almost anything else in the world practice makes perfect. Within minutes I was able to create some interesting effects.

Check out these two examples of effects I made in After Effects in a matter of minutes:

I’m still only an After Effects¬†novice, but the more time I spend exploring the program the better my knowledge and editing abilities will be. Some of the worlds biggest grossing films use After Effects for digital compositing, where entire environments are created and envelop the actors in post-production. The next step for me is to try some composites of my own using the Studio B green screen.

Below is an aritcle listing many recent films and television shows that use digital composites in their scenes.

Post by: Douglas Gorti

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